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Apollo Series

Aesthetically sophisticated yet highly durable, built to withstand rigorous movement yet gentle on the joints, and designed for all fitness levels yet focused on individual results, Apollo provides an unparalleled workout experience. Strength training has evolved beyond the number of pounds bench-pressed and reps crunched. The strength training revolution has begun and nowhere is that more evident than with the Apollo strength line from Athlon. More muscle, bigger looking. Clean, smooth and subtle. Frame size is bigger, hence more weight of the machine. Repetition counters are placed on all machines.

Atlas Series

Premium strength equipment that combines striking visual appeal with inviting design elements to create a perfect interaction between the exerciser and machine. Atlas Series is a new standard in selectorized strength equipment and sets any facility apart. Repetition counters are placed on all machines.

Ander Series

Designed with a clean and appealing look, each Ander Series selectorized strength unit requires minimal set-up adjustments so it is extremely easy to use. It is a sleek strength training solution that is ideal for any budget or space. It is economical, but has the complete look and feel of premium equipment. When compared to the average local equipment, Ander has full fibre cover not half; textured black upholstery, and not the ordinary black; 100 kg weight stack and not the typical 80 kg.

Ajax Series

The Athlon plate loaded line is the most space-efficient user-friendly plate-loaded line in the industry. Superior biomechanics in a space efficient package. Delivers the smooth converging and diverging arcs of motion. Independent movement allows users to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating, or with different weights for each. Complete plate-loaded machines, read beasts, that offer rugged performance training to professional bodybuilders and elite athletes.

Aura Series

Aura has been designed to meet all needs training, both for the professional athlete and for the novice user. Thanks to the several adjustments, accessories and one external bench, it can be used for more than 100 exercises that allow all kinds of training–functional, isotonic, sport, rehabilitative and postulating. With Aura series your trainer can apply the various proposed types of training, in a minimum space.

Athen Series

Athen meaning immortal; is designed to deliver the performance features that experienced exercisers expect, without intimidating the novice users. The premium design of these benches and racks seamlessly integrates with all our selectorized series. Rugged construction holds up to the most intense free weight and body weight workouts. Different variety of Olympic benches, weight storage racks, and body weight stations offer plenty of options for performance-strength training.

Astra Series

The Astra cardio series is the premium line of cardio equipment by Athlon which blends upgraded technology with power and reliability, providing a first-class user experience. The new Cardio Touch provides a central, intuitive touch screen control to access the wealth of additional workouts and entertainment.

Aleta Series

The Aleta Cardio Series is a line of commercial and semi-commercial quality cardio equipment by Athlon, streamlined to fit your space and your budget. Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, durability, and safety, it offers outstanding value.

Aetos Series

No gym is ever complete without its retro initials. At Athlon, we provide you with one of the finest looking dumbbells & plates made out of natural rubber, iron bars which are Olympic-standard and hard chrome-plated which compliments the overall look of your gym’s aesthetics. From medicine balls and kettle bells to gym handles and yoga mats, Athlon’s fitness accessories accentuate and complete your facility and help your exercisers reach their goals. They allow for a complete approach to fitness.
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