Multi Gym AU-MG04-A


Net Weight : 416 Kgs.
Max. User Weight : 140 Kgs.
Assembly (LxWxH): L 120 x W 120 x H 96
Weight Stack : 4 Wt.Stack of 150 lbs Each
This 4 Station comes with cover. Features & benefits are mentioned below in the detailed description



Made of heavy-gauge steel tubing, solid and stable, providing the durability you need–which is the type of performance you expect from Athlon’s equipment. Conveniently located adjustment points are clearly marked for ease of use. Exercise motion is smooth and fluid. Each configuration of this multi-station by Athlon contains one or more of the following popular gym exercises:

// triceps pushdown
// lat pulldown
// leg extension
// standing leg curl
// vertical chest press
// seated triceps extension
// ab crunch
// deltoid raise
// side bend
// back kick
// standing inner thigh
// standing outer thigh
// deltoid raise
// seated arm curl
// seated leg press
// seated calf raise
// standing arm curl
// upright row
// low row
// standing triceps extension
// pectoral contractor

and many more…