Rubber Roll A-RR04


Details of one roll:

  • Thickness- 4 mm
  • Length- 26.2467 FT
  • Width- 3.2898 FT
  • Area covered APPROX- 86.347 SQ FT
  • Roll weight- 36.5 KGS APPROX
  • Color- Beige
  • EPDM Gradation- 15%
  • Rubber Adhesive SR 998

[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Description”]Initially rubber rolls are made from black rubber crumb – the result of rubber processing – but EPDM granules allows to make sports flooring one colored or multi colored (it depends on volumes of EPDM: 15%, 30%, 50%, 80%,100%). Mixed Colored EPDM Rubber, making it an appealing yet very cost effective flooring solution available in a vast variety of colors. It exhibits the same excellent physical properties of regular rubber floors, but with more impressive environmental credentials without the higher costs associated with such floors.

Athlon Rubber rolls are universal flooring, firstly for fitness and gym indoor facilities. Rubber rolls are suitable not only for fitness facilities but to cover retail outlets, exhibitions halls and Offices, Healthcare Facilities, Educational facilities, Retail, Institutional facilities, Building Entrances, Concern Halls, Cinemas, Washrooms, fitness Gyms, Changing rooms, Waiting rooms, Walkways, Exhibitions.